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The End of the 2023 Season

The gunnery demonstration planned for October had to be canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions following a successful visit and performance on Tanegashima Island. Despite the gunners' willingness to proceed, city officials made the call to prioritize public safety and prevent overcrowding amid the inclement weather. It was disappointing news!

However, during the celebration of the 480th anniversary of the Way of the Gun on Tanegashima Island, the Matsumoto Castle Gun Corps had an incredible experience. Gun teams from across Japan gathered, offering a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow gunners whom I'd only interacted with online before. Reconnecting with old friends and forging new friendships made the event truly memorable.

After our return to the Shinshu domain, we found ourselves immersed in the care of Matsumoto Castle's extensive collection of matchlock guns and weaponry housed within the castle museum. You can catch a glimpse of our activities through this link: Simultaneously, we were engrossed in rigorous practice sessions for the year's final demonstration, which was set to involve both the Aichi and Sunpu Gun Corps. Despite dedicating countless hours to training and crafting our routine, the show faced cancellation without a rescheduled date. Nevertheless, our focus has shifted to strategizing for the upcoming year, 2024, brainstorming ways to ensure a successful and enjoyable gunnery season!

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