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Takashima Castle and the Battle of the Wada Valley

One of our regular shooting venues, Takashima Castle on the shores of Lake Suwa is a hiddnen treasure in Nagano. After packing the guns, armour and ammo, the team made the journey from Matsumoto, to the historic castle grounds that were once the seat of the influencial Suwa clan.

In 1864, a joint force of Matsumoto and Suwa samurai, intercepted Mito clan rebels as they made their way to Kyoto, via the Wada Valley in Nagano. The gunners deployed by the allied forces caused considerable casualties to the Mito force, and prevented the reinforcements from reaching their intended destination. Those who were not killed, retreated to their domain; where they were punished after the rebellion had been put down.

One of the guns used by the team, was used by a Suwa clan samurai during that battle. The midsized chuzutsu gun was custom made for this samurai, and is still in the hands of one of our very own gunners; who himself is from the same region. Even 200 years after the battle of the Wada Valley; one of the final samurai battles of the feudal era, the history and influnece of the samurai can still be seen and felt at Takashima Castle.

You can find out more about the Mito Rebellion on the Gun Samurai YouTube channel by clicking the button, below.


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