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Watch the short video above to find out what we do.

You can find all of our media online on our YouTube channel along with behind the scenes footage.  Just search for Matsumoto Gun Corps or Gun Samurai or follow the links at the top of the page.

Recent features:

London Post

Gloucestershire Live

World of Martial Arts Magazine

Luxurious Magazine

Martial Arts Online

Dakota Digital

Welcome Matsumoto

Matsumoto Experience

Visit Matsumoto (English)

Visit Matsumoto (French)

Visit Matsumoto (Japanese)

Shimai Media (Japanese)

MT Labs (Japanese)

Shimin Times (Japanese)

Must See Japan (Japanese)

Yahoo News (Japanese)

Montana Headline

California Headline

Daily New York News

The Texas Today

Florida Headline

Oklahoma Local Press

Hokuriku Shinkansen (Japanese)

Mainichi Japan (Japanese)

For all enquiries please get in touch by using the button below.

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