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Let’s Talk About Armour…

Anyone who has seen our performances or our social media, will notice the distinctive black armour worn by the Matsumoto Castle Gun Corps.

There are three uniforms for the team; two of them are armoured.

The samurai wear full sets of armour, crafted in Japan by a company that mostly works for movies and television programmes.

Some of the samurai own their own sets of armour and others are loaned a set by the city and castle museum. The black colour reflects the black exterior of Matsumoto Castle…

The ashigaru wear lighter munition armour. Armour that reflects the traditional style of infantry protection during the feudal era of Japan.

This armour is lighter and easier to wear and for many gunners, their first set of armour before becoming a samurai gunner.

Every gunner is expected to provide their own training uniform.

Training in armour can be impractical so we also have a lightweight uniform for training and for non shooting members to wear.

Have you seen are armour and equipment?


Go to to see what we do and how we do it.

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