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Who are the Gun Corps?

It’s time to introduce the team:

The Matsumoto Castle Gun Corps is a team of volunteers drawn from within and near to the city of Matsumoto.

The gunners do not get paid for their activities but still donate their time for three kinds of activities:

Shooting, historical preservation and education.

Life in Japan can be very busy and we’re lucky to have members who dedicate so much time to our activities.

But not anyone can be a gunner.

When there is a vacancy join the team, successful applicants are invited to interview to establish why they want to join, what they already know about gunnery and what their expectations are. After a period of training they are the required to successfully earn a firearms license and to acquire their own matchlock gun. Armour is usually provided by the castle and city, but some members own their own sets of armour and even swords…!

Currently the team is made up of a diverse range of gunners. In their day to day lives our members include;

City administrators, military, printed media distribution, accounts and even a kindergarten teacher!

With the ongoing restriction, the team has not been taking part in as many activities as usual. Hopefully things will change soon!

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