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Autumn is a Fine Season for Shooting

A full regiment of samurai gunners...

The last demonstration of the 2022 shooting season took place at Matsumoto Castle along with our friends from Aichi and Sunpuu Gun Corps'. In addition the Matsumoto Castle Gun Corps was joined by four new gunners who acted as assistants to the team, during their first gunnery exercise.

Following a few tough years with measures and controls brought in by local and national governments, the team have only been able to participate in small events, and open practices. This skill at arms demonstration marked the first time in three years where a full regiment of samurai gunners have been brought together to offer a view into the Way of the Gun.

The exercise was opened by the Matsumoto Castle Gun Corps, who used banzutsu and zamazutsu guns. The Aichi Gun Corps followed with, led by a drum and horogai (shell trumpet). Finally the constantly impressive Sunpuu Gun Corps rounded off the seperate team displays.

The display was closed by two volleys from all 44 guns on display. Over a two hour long demonstration, hundreds of rounds were fires, on a warm autumn afternoon in the city of Matsumoto.

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